New RTG Casinos 2015

The Begado brand is the newest rtg casino of 2015, and accepts USA based players. Any young industry, like the online betting scene, comes with its share of ups and downs. Only available since the middle of the 1990s, placing online bets has not yet come into its own. When you look around at Realtime Gaming-powered casinos, finding sites with ten years’ experience is a sign of longevity. Until casinos on the Internet have been around for a few decades, we should still think of the entire industry as in its infancy.

Why Do So Many RTG Casinos Exist?

New online Realtime Gaming casinos are appearing all the time, thanks to the widespread popularity of their software and the adaptability of their backend services. Since this company gives sites the option of altering their payout percentages and other details, new websites that want to cater to the gambling market are drawn to this software. These days, new casino pages range from standard sites offering classic casino games to platforms that allow gambling on smartphones and other mobile toys, so there is more variety these days than when Realtime first appeared on the scene.

Caution and New Casinos

What are the dangers associated with joining a casino page that’s brand new? RTG is a trusted name, but you can never know whether a site is doing reputable business until they’ve had some experience dealing with customers, payouts, bonuses, and other features. In other words, you can’t just trust a new page because it uses a particular set of software, even when the games are generally trustworthy, as is the case with this designer.

The Number One Way to Avoid Getting Scammed by an RTG Casino

The best way to avoid getting ripped off by any new online business, including casino pages, is to look into who is running the site, how its information is encrypted, and what (if any) associations they have with regulatory groups. When it comes to Web-based casinos, there are specific certifications and licenses handed out to websites when they pass certain inspections.

Licensing and certification is as much a part of Internet gambling as it is with traditional land-based casinos. When a new Realtime Gaming casino opens, the first thing to seek out is their licensing and certification: what country handed them a license to provide gambling, and what third-party groups have declared their games and software fair? Only play at online gambling pages that have been independently tested for fairness.

Trusting Online Casinos

New RTG Casinos

New RTG Casinos

The other big problem with doing business with any new Internet venture is the fact that you don’t have personal experience with their services. New RTG casino sites haven’t been on the scene long enough to be reviewed consistently by trustworthy websites and members of gaming forums. The best way to counteract your own unfamiliarity with a new Realtime site is to do your own sleuthing, point your browser at the URL, try some free versions of their game titles, and reach out to their customer support team.

Contact a New RTG Casino’s Customer Support Team

When you call a customer support department to determine if a site is legit, let the person on the other end of the phone know you’re interested in joining their new site, but want to make sure they’re playing by the rules. Honesty is the best policy; if they react strangely or negatively to this inquiry, you shouldn’t do business with them.

Why Play at a New RTG Casino?

If you find yourself hesitant to sign up for an account with a brand-new RTG gambling site, whether you are worried about the site’s legitimacy, rogue status, or even just their game variety and quality, you should trust that instinct. A grain of skepticism is healthy, considering eventually you’ll have money on the line. There are a few reasons to play at new gambling ventures, and if you follow the basic rules talked about above, you can get all the good aspects of online casino play at a new site without any personal risk.

New RTG Casino Bonuses & Promos

The main benefit of a just-opened Realtime casino is that these groups often provide promotions and bonuses at opening time to drum up interest. Without a history or a series of good reviews to get gambler’s ears perked up, temptation comes in the form of cash rewards and other goodies.

Read the Fine Print!

Of course, this benefit comes with a major caveat: when you find yourself signing up for a new online casino account just to get a shot at a big bonus offer, alarm bells ought to go off. There is fine print galore to be read, attached to any decent promotional offer, even at brand-new RTG pages. Let’s say you’re offered a 300% bonus on your first deposit up to a limit of $2,000—this sounds like a great and lucrative offer until you read the fine print and find out that you have to wager 60 or 70 times your deposit plus bonus before clearing any free cash.

How to Pick a New Real Time Gaming Casino

New Real Time Gaming casinos pop up from time to time throughout the year. RTG has a really strong foothold in the industry, and new casino sites often turn to a recognized name like Real Time Gaming to lend their site some legitimacy. If you approach a new Real Time casino site with some caution, and a healthy dose of skepticism along with plenty of questions for customer support, you should have no problem finding your new favorite RTG-powered gaming site.