Privacy Policy

Privacy is of the utmost importance to everyone on staff at As casino gamblers ourselves, we are in a unique position to understand how important privacy and security is to you.

Most of us are Internet privacy activists in our down-time, working to make the Internet more secure, with our personal details and financial records protected by the highest law in the land. But until major changes occur in the legal landscape of the Internet, we decided to put together this Privacy Policy so that our readers understand their rights and how we protect their personal details.

Third-Party Information Sales

We hate spam as much as you do. That’s why we at promise to never sell, transfer, give away, or in any other way expose any information about our visitors to any outside party. Believe us, plenty of websites exist that are little more than information hounds, soaking up as much personal data about visitors as they can and selling the details to the highest bidder. We hate that, so we’ve made it a cornerstone of our Privacy Policy to never divulge anything we may learn about our visitors to any outside party, guaranteed.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Another important feature of an active website Privacy Policy is a well spelled-out agreement regarding major changes made to that policy. We at do not anticipate making any big changes to this policy anytime soon, but we promise that if and when we do, we will make a blog post about the changes, change the date of publication of this Privacy Policy, and continue to fight for the privacy of our reader’s details. We’re committed to giving you a safe and reliable source of information on RTG and other casino games – not interested in stealing or trading any private information we may collect.

What Kinds of Details We Collect About Our Visitors

Understand that your browser, ISP, and even in some cases your computer’s operating system make certain details freely available to website administrators. That means we do know a few things about our visitors, such as where they’re viewing our site from (a general idea, not a specific address), their IP address, their preferred language, preferred browser, etc. We use these details to enhance our site and give you a better product, NEVER to sell to a telemarketing or spam group to turn a quick profit.

Financial and Banking Details

The best thing about’s Privacy Policy, as of this writing, is that we’re not a commercial site. We don’t charge you anything for our reviews and other services. That means we don’t maintain any financial records, credit card numbers, bank account details, etc. The information provided on our static site and blog are free for anyone to browse. We do not and don’t plan on collecting financial details anytime soon, and if we do, we’ll update our Privacy Policy to reflect these changes.

The information freely provided by your computer, such as your general location and the browser you use to view the site, is for our eyes only. We just want to give you a better online experience, making small changes to the site to cater to the needs of our regular visitors. This Privacy Policy is legal and complete as of 2 PM, September 12th, 2012.